Saturday, January 26, 2013

Inauguration Weekend Print Storm

We had a busy and very productive long weekend in the shop. First we finished printing the guts of James Shea's Air and Water Show. I had printed half the guts in early January & it more or less went without a snag. Check out the title page:

I had hoped the versos would be smooth sailing, but not so not so, a rocky ocean almost capsized this table cast-iron operation. We had a real battle getting even inking on one of the spreads & had to resort to all kinds Scotch-tape tactics.

Then we printed the covers of Genevieve Kaplan's settings for these scenes, a lovely chapbook of erasures. Nikki mixed up a batch of rad mint green ink.

We printed the text without a hitch,

then disaster: after getting the makeready set, it became clear that I had ordered the wrong kind of plates from Boxcar. Ahhhghghghgh: these weren't coming up type-high on our base! I was really mad at myself, wallowing in incredulity. Ever resourceful, Nikki raised the base with a tape & paper job & we were rolling again. These green squares and black shell shapes took up a ton of ink, but we're quite pleased with the end result!

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